Print isn’t dying, it’s morphing. You should be too.


Before I start, I would just like to give a humble, yet frustrated fist to whomever decided that I need to give out my parent’s financial information (a.k.a FAFSA) to get myself a student loan. Not to sound childish but: Um, hello? Why do you think I’m here? If my parents were providing any of this financial info into my pocket then I wouldn’t be here. Please take my fist and insert it somewhere painful.

Yeah. I went there.

On to print. Another thing worth discussing. There is a lot of fear that most print newspapers are going down the drain. Literally speaking, it’s quite accurate. Newspapers are drowning in their own drool right now. According to The Nieman Journalism Lab , most of the large Newspaper owners are filing bankt or close it.

But that doesn’t mean they are going to die.

No matter what there is still a huge need for news, or information, as we should all refer to it. Especially now in the internet age, people crave and have access to large quantities of free information. Why don’t we think they will still go to the same establishments to retrieve it? Just because there are a lot more places to go, doesn’t mean the originals will cease. It just means they must up their game in how they inform us.

When you ask people about what newspapers they know about, I guarantee you they’ll spit out something like, New York Times or Newsweek. We are used to these places and we like them. We don’t want them to go away.

The way we access and analyze information is changing. We can see this with the rise of such user-centered sites such as youtube and social networking sites such as facebook. Since the rise of these sites, people have been trained to be in control of what they publish, what they receive and how they “publish themselves”.

That’s a rather general example, but it does fit. So instead of saying that print is dying – it is much more fitting to say that it is morphing – evolving – if you will.

Furthermore, instead of panicking, everyone (especially newsies) should take this time to study what is going on around them and get with it. Fix it. Cultivate it. Save it, if you feel that phrase appropriate. Stop the crying about not getting the Times delivered to your door and about how bloggers and tweeters will never replace good, thorough journalism.

Thankfully, students are taking advantage of the situation. There has been a huge boom in j-schools around the country. Why? Because a lot of kids already get it.

It’s the time to act.

The way we inform the masses is changing, the way we gain information is changing, so let’s change with it and make it as plentiful as possible. Start a conversation, subscribe to a blog, get involved.


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